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Sunday, September 03, 2006

How come there's never a hot flash around when you need one?

No, really.

The weather has abruptly cooled from our long hot summer...

Well, to be honest, it wasn't hot by Arizona standards, nor humid compared to Missouri. But it was much hotter for Ann Arbor than any summer since I've been here. We had a half dozen days over 90 degrees F, and several days when the humidity was also 90, but fortunately not at the same time!

70 degrees F and 93% humidity is a very strange state of affairs. Feels like it ought to be a hundred, for all the sweat it produces!

And this past year I have been enjoying the new experience (yeah, right) of breaking a sweat several times an hour, despite what the thermometer might read, courtesy of menopause. Or so my (young, male) physician tells me.

So, why don't I have a few today, when it's almost too cool to be out in shorts? I was actually looking forward to keeping my summer wardrobe a bit longer, even maybe saving on heating bills by leaving the furnace off for another month or two...

What kind of design is this, anyway?!

God and I are gonna have a talk...I gotta list!


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