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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stashbusting - Scrapbooking 2

Spring cleaning time: that stash is just two cumbersome, and let's face it: I can't live long enough to use it all! (Probably only certain superfemmes might be able Karen!)

So, here's what is going to leave my cupboards:

* Peel and stick alphabet diecuts,

* Embellisments you trim and attach manually (not self-adhesive),

* Words and sayings stickies, plus some bubble stickies of words,

* Self-adhesive edgings, plus some words,

* Assorted larger, laser-cut, embellisments (5-10")

* 27 sheets of 12x12 inch album paper,

* Marvy watercolor markers, opened, but never used (2 months old),

* a rotary cutter with smooth and deckle blades (never used), plus a Xyron tape adhesive dispensor (needs refill)

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