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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Life Goes On...

No posts this past couple weeks...thought I was dealing just fine with the illness of a family member, trying to be helpful to someone who gave every indication of not wanting that help, and juggling tasks in regular life to help her mother deal with the whole distressing business.

And Thursday night she died, pretty much as I was expecting although there was some denial on the part of just about all family members, which meant we were up until midnight and after. Followed by all day Friday trying to sort out what to do next, since she had not made any plans or provisions...

Without a Will, trust, insurance -- or even any willingness to discuss much about what she wanted for funeral or financial arrangements -- means that family are up the creek!

Actually, having had some experience in the past few years with estate follow through, I thought I had remained calm and steady..... But today I am just exhausted. And all that has been arranged so far is the mortuary!


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