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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's on the Needles at the moment...

I knit. A lot. With needles, on machines, looms and frames.

But mostly, of late, on needles -- or round looms when I'm in a hurry. In fact, hats and scarves make up so fast on round looms that it probably takes longer for me to blog about them (take the pix, process them for on screen, put them up, write the text, arrange them artfully, etc., etc.) than to actually finish the project!

And I do like using the looms for very bulky yarns, such as Lion brand chenille Thick & Quick.
Really plays to my need for 'quick fixes,' LOL.

However, (because some members of my family feel that my activity might be getting out of hand) I decided to take some pix of works in progress (WIP) that are currently littering my living room around the glide rocker. I'm not listing the ones in the bedroom, on my crafts table, in my purse, in the car, or in the woven hamper that sits behind the glide rocker.... (That's too many pix!)

First, a very plain, garter stitch scarf, in Lion chenille Thick & Quick.Good for meetings, bus stops, doctor's offices, any waiting time, as I don't have to actually look at what I'm doing very much. It has been finished since I took this pic.

A baby blanket in basket weave stitch, using a thick luscious chenille which I bought in bulk on eBay. It came without tags, but could be Lion brand.

The Besotted Scarf. Not working so well in Jiffy, because the Xs don't show between the Os. Darn. May end up frogging it and doing something else with this yummy, bulky, soft yarn. The pattern was intended for worsted weight wool...

A magic scarf, on needles, in Lion FunFur. Doesn't knit up nearly as fast as the large round Knifty Knitter loom pattern, and I don't know if it will be as magic. It has more stitches...

A laptop bag working in corn stitch -- a variety of afghan crochet using double pointed afghan hook sold as CrochetKnit and KnitCrochet, depending upon brand. The yarns were from a yard sale bag of tagless wool skeins that I think were meant for rug hooking. Sturdy, slightly harsh wool, which may felt up nicely. Or not. Either way, it will make good padding for a new MacBook.... Worked flat, folded and sewn.

A dish rag, with squirrel picture, Sugar'n Cream 100% cotton worsted weight yarn. Dish rags are new to me, but am I hooked! They work up very fast, in less than 2 hours -- if my hands would allow working cotton that long at one sitting. Cotton has no 'give' in it, so makes hands hurt. It is endlessly entertaining watching the pattern emerge. And when knitting a mystery knitalong (KAL), you are searching each row to see if you can figure out what the design is going to be. Much fun!

Two dish cloths at once, with the instructions for each cloth on the same row. Don't try to figure it out in your head! Just do it, and then it makes sense, LOL. So far, one of them has two flowers and the legs of what might be letters. The other has one flower and the letters E N D. The way the KAL works is that about 10 rows of knitting instructions are posted each day, so you can knit along...

The beginnings of yet another DoRag. These little roll-brim hats in mohair/acrylic fingering yarns go fast, are knit flat on large needles, sewn up, and have a cute little tail on top that you tie in a knot. I've made a bunch, using up odd bits of skeins left over from my sister's stash. (That means the yarn is more than 20 years old!)

The pattern is from a book of easy knit projects for teens, which, naturally I can't remember at the moment. Looks too lacy and insubstantial to be warm, but boy, are they hot! 87 yo MIL uses hers to keep her head warm at night.

Oh my, I'm sleepy! It is past my bedtime, but Blogger is a bit slow tonight. Probably everyone in the world is online, seeing as it is Thanksgiving's Eve eve. No school tomorrow and most people are leaving town. Whole 'Net is slow...



  • At 2:58 PM, Blogger Wildflower said…

    You have some nice pictures of dishcloths.
    I knit and crochet dishcloths to sell. Here is my website so that you can see what dishcloths I have to sell: Rebecca's Creations .
    I hope you like the pictures of my dishcloths and other things.


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