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Friday, October 19, 2007

We Had Fun with Rubber Stamps...

Last Saturday, went over to a friend's house to make these gift tins full of cute little cards. Cheryl is a Stampin' Up demonstrator (you can see some of her sample projects on her web page) and has several classes, demonstrations and parties each week. We are talking serious about her business, here, but always full of fun and great ideas.

This particular session was on making a decorative tin to hold a series of little sentiment cards: get well, thanks, congrats, etc. In a matter of a couple hours, we ladies made them all.

The ladies ranged in age from capital 'O' to about second grade...
and most of us had played with rubber stamps before, but none of us had ever used Mod Podge or tried to decorate a tin box. Fortunately, Cheryl had made all the color selections for us to choose from, had precut the papers and ribbon
and provided several completed samples for us to use as models.We used a corner rounder punch to make the papers fit the top of the tins, used Mod Podge to glue them down, and to glue ribbon around the edge of the lid and another narrow piece of paper around the bottom edge. Then covered all with another coat of the decopoge stuff that really looks like thick white glue. It dries clear and makes a good sealer to protect the papers.

While the tins were drying, (which they did very quickly) we selected, stamped, colored, and glued together our cardlets with which to fill the tins. This actually took me much longer than assembling the tin, as I had to choose which colors and which stamps I wanted, as well as what colors I wanted to paint them (We used watercolor pens). Decisions always bog me down!

And voila!
I think I will make a few more to fill with other things...

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