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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stashbusting -- Rubber Stamps

I love my rubber stamps, but there's a limit to how many I can hoard. (Especially if I want to buy more....)

It's embarrassing to see how many there are in the storage boxes. I love them dearly and can think of all sorts of neat stuff to do with them whenever the urge to purge strikes.

But, realistically? Some of them just aren't being used. They need to go to a loving home that will make full use of their potential.

Or, at very least, they will go into someone else's stash -- preferably someone who isn't living with me!

The following stamps are mostly Stampin' Up, with a few whose origins are mysterious. All are in excellent condition, some never used, all mounted on wood blocks.

* Frame & words, (frame is Stampin' Up 1995, but I don't know what the words are),

* Three little dinosaurs want to play (looks like they have been played with a lot, but are still good for more fun)

* Some loose small stamps that wandered by one day and joined the stash,

* Two-Step Stampin' Fresh Flowers set, (Stampin' Up 2004)

* Words by Wanda set (Stampin' Up 2003),

* Two- Step Stampin' Fanciful Favorites set (Stampin' Up 2001),

* Seasonal Images set (Stampin' Up 1998) mounted but never used,

* A Light Heart set (Stampin' Up 2006),

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