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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Neat Stuff I Found on the Web Today

You know how long it used to take when using the dictionary, because you could get caught up in just perusing a bunch of other interesting words besides the one you started with?

Well, so can the Internet use up a LOT of my time in the same way!

Today I discovered a blog called Neatorama, kept by someone who wastes even more time than I surfing about for interesting things, and then helpfully posts them all in one place so the rest of us can save time by just spending an hour looking at these recommendations...

For instance: Chris Natrop, a cut paper artist who does WAY more than just make lace doilies...

Or how about Adam Stennett, who makes paintings so detailed that they look like photographs?

If you have ANY time left for chores after visiting these sites, then you are a much more disciplined person than I!


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